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Buy btc e code with credit card

Adding balance with credit card is not yet implemented because of some restrictions of VISA and MasterCard regarding operations with cryptocurrency, but there are several other ways to top up balance in your btc e wallet.

Buy btc e code with MoneyGram

You can buy btc e code with moneygram. This is cheap and easy way of adding money. This payment method is available almost in every bank or transfers shop which guarantee your money will be safely transferred and picked up by receiver within very short period of time.
Exchange moneygram to btc-e code is performed in 10-15 minutes after payment credentials received by us. The transfer will be picked up and requested balance converted to btc-e code. This btc e code you should enter into your btc-e account going to Finances, then pressing redeem button.
As well you can: Buy btc-e code with western union