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Frequently Asked Question(s)

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    What dooes the "status" field mean in my transfers history

    We have such main statuses as:
    - awaiting of payment - means you got payment details but didn't send money or transfers details to us yet.
    - processing - means that your application is verifying by administrator
    - paid - means that we've received your funds, your exchange operation will be performed shortly
    - done - your exchange operation has been successfully performed

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    How long usually takes for money exchange?

    It takes from few seconds to few hours depending on exchange direction. Talking about Western Union or MoneyGram transfers we guarantee fast orders processing only in working time 9am-5pm (Ukrainian time). If we got orders details after 4.30pm, your order will be processed next day in the morning.

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    Where can I put or widthraw cash with your exchange service?

    In Kyiv, and in Kirovohrad (Ukraine)

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    What banks do you use for exchange operations?

    We use the main ukrainian banks such as: Privatbank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Sberbank Russia, Alfabank Ukraine, PUMB, Credit Agricole, Oshadbank Ukraine, Ukreximbank . We are using prepaid visa cards as well.

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    Working hours

    Considering Western Union, Moneygram, Ria and other money transfers:
    Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
    Saturday 9am - 2pm
    Sunday - day off

    Considering BTC, PM and other ecurrencies which don't need bank to send or receive a transfer:
    9am-9pm daily except holidays.

    We use GMT+2 timezone (Kyiv time) which means +2 hours to Greenwich time.

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    How long takes the bitcoin cashout

    Bitcoin cashout takes few minutes after 3 confirmations in bitcoin network, Confirmation time depends on the fee which you chose during te transfer of bitcoins.