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What is my bitcoin address

Crypto Bitcoin currency
Bitcoin wallet address is a numbers and digits placed together to form a big key using to be identifier in bitcoin network.
Bitcoin wallet address is the only thing you need to send and receive Bitcoins. If someones ask you to send a QR code of your wallet or some other info like set of backup words, passwords, emails – be sure that his idea is to steal your bitcoins.
Never give anything else than bitcoin address to your sender.

Example of bitcoin address:


Example of wallet recovery phrase:

blast jeans follow upset concrete balcony ice squirrel entry cup mirror calculator

Such type of recovery key is used by bitcoin. Using this set of this words anyone can get access to you bitcoin wallet and to all funds available. Further transfer and unlimited access will be available to one who gets these words. For your wallet safety never give this words to anyone and keep them in a safe place.

Example of paper bitcoin wallet backup:

Paper backup includes QR code which has your backup words inside. Don't give this code to sender, never make selfies and pictures with it. Actually if someone scans this code, he can get full control over your wallet.
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