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What is BTC-e?

What is BTC-e?

BTC-E - a platform for the exchange of currencies which are maintained in real time trading between cryptocurrency and currencies (dollars, euros, rubles and so on.). The exchange can be done with bitcoin and other cryptocurrency to USD and EUR. Btc-e support is available in Russian and English. As of July 2016 btc-e is in the top five exchanges by trading volume in a pair of bitcoin / dollar and the 1st place in the direction of bitcoin / RUB.

On btc-e available such cryptocurrency exchange:
- Bitcoin (BTC)
- Litecoin (LTC)
- Namecoin (NMC)
- Novacoin (NVC)
- Peercoin (PPC)
- Etherium (ETH)

From Currency Exchange btc-e provides such:

- Dollar
- Euro (EUR)
- Ruble (RUB)

Btc-e Marketplace provides withdrawal of such currencies:

The conclusion from the exchange cryptocurrency carried out immediately after confirming the withdrawal. Entering cryptocurrency on btc-e occurs after multiple confirmations of bitcoin chain(for BTC is 3)
Withdrawal from btc-e exchanges in currency (USD, EUR, RUR) is performed at once, depending on the direction of exchange may take some time.
Deposit methods on the stock exchange btc-e:
- PerfectMoney (4%)
- Okpay (4%)
- MoneyPolo
- Capitalist
- International Wire Transfer
- Ecoin
- Epese
- Btc-e redeem code

The ways of dollars cashout from btc-e:
- Perfect Money
- Wire
- Paypal
- btc-e Code
- Alfabank
- Epese
- Ecoin.cc
- OKpay
- Moneypolo
- Capitalist


Two factor authentication on the Google Authenticator separate login and withdrawal, the withdrawal by e-mail, white IP-addresses

Available interface languages:

- Russian
- English
- Chinese
Benefits of btc-e comparing to other exchanges marketplaces of cryptocurrency:
1.ability to work through the PAMM accounts
2.Transfer funds via internal btc-e codes without commission
3.You can connect via API
4.the ability to trade with leverage through MT4 terminal
5.Exchange limited list of forks


btc-e Exchange provides support support.btc-e.com site. Discussion forums for the exchange: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=29698.0
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