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Hardfork Constantinople

Constatntinopole Ethereum Hardfork
Constantinopole is an updated protocol for the Ethereum mainnet. Many people think that with the introduction of this fork, it will be impossible to mine ether, and its production will be exclusively through POS. This is not entirely true. Constantinople is a transitional stage on the road to Proof-of-stake and only opens the way for its implementation.

Its main tasks:
  • increased platform performance
  • reduction of fees for transfers in the network
  • increasing the speed of transaction processingdisabling the difficulty bombreducing the reward for miners from 3 ETH to 2 ETH, thereby increasing the value of the mined ETH by 33%the beginning of a smooth transition from the Proof-of-work algorithm to the Proof-of-Stake algorithmreducing inflation in the network Earlier it was reported that Vitalik Buterin and one of the main developers reported that an algorithm was developed to block ASIC devices and the possibility of mining only on video cards in the future.
    However, the ProgPow algorithm will not be implemented in time for the upcoming update, and its development will take another 2-3 months.

    Will there be free coins on the Constantinopole hard fork?

    Officially, there will be no new coins with a hard fork. The update will only include improvements to the current protocol.

    But then several scam projects arrived in time, which decided to take advantage of the situation and release their shitcoins on the sly.

    The first of these was Ethereum Classic Vision (ETCV), which will take place on January 11, and Ethereum Nowa Fork (ETN) on January 12, 2019.
    Both of these projects have no value and are only created to collect dough by the developers.
    ETCV will be credited by the owner of Ethereum in a 1: 3 ratio, ETN in a 1: 1 ratio. The future price of the coins and the exchanges that will support them remain unknown. The hard fork itself has already been supported by Binance and OKex, but since these coins have nothing to do with Constantinople, it is unlikely that anyone will support them. To receive an Airdrop, you need to buy Ethereum and store it on your wallet, from which you have private keys. The forked coins can then be obtained by adding their support to major wallets such as Coinomi. Attention: In no case do not enter your private keys into unknown wallets, especially sites that supposedly guarantee the payment of new coins, or USD / BTC in recalculation. All these projects are scams. Ethereum Rate Forecast Ethereum Constantinople hard fork is a step on a long road to Ethereum 2.0, which should become fast and scalable thanks to the launch of additional chains (sharding) and the creation of Raiden second-level networks (like the second layer - LN in Bitcoin).

    At the moment, only half of the nodes have updated the code to the required Geth version 1.8.20. The developers have warned that the hard fork may not take place if the network is not ready. Old nodes will stop serving the network, new ones may be overloaded. Therefore, the more new nodes there are, the better the upgrade will be. The rest will follow up later.

    Anyone who already has a full Geth or Parity node running should update to the latest version! If you haven't tried running a full node yet, it's time to give it a try. It takes about 200 gigabytes of SSD space and a few days to sync. Geth or Parity clients download from the official repositories on github.
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