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How to get Bitcoins

Bitcoin – is a modern electronic currency, which is widely used for buying goods and services worldwide. Unlike the other currencies Bitcoin has own exchange rate which is steadily growing every day. This makes unbelievable agiotage across its value and makes many people trying to get bitcoins.

Ways of getting bitcoins

  1. Buy bitcoin from ones who’s going selling them. Need to be careful while dealing with unknown persons, especially making good discount or promotion. Never send money unless you’re sure sure in your partner.
  2. Exchange services and bitcoin market places. That's the most efficient way of getting bitcoins. Not difficult to find trusted exchanger or faithful place to deal with.
  3. Setup bitcoin merchant and receive payments directly into your wallet selling your stuff on your site.

How to earn bitcoins

There are still many opportunities to build online business and start earning your own bitcoins. Here is the main directions making stable profit and requiring comparing little efforts to start.
  • Making the YouTube channel regarding earning of cryptocurrency, and fill it up with fresh suitable content. This way to say not such easy as seems to be from the first sight. You need enough knowledge regarding electronic currencies, follow the trends making your page useful. It gives the way to change your efforts to the way of stable income.
  • Bitcoin mining. In few words is the process of making your own bitcoins by doing some calculations. This requires necessary equipment and cheap electricity. More facilities you buy, more bitcoins you can mine. In 2017 bitcoin mining makes not much profit. You should find a way to get free electricity or cheap isics (the tools used in bitcoin mining) and unlimited space to make the mining farm. The process of mining excreate a lot of heat and noise. Making mining at home is not the way even to think about.
  • Cloud mining. Same mining but you don’t buy and keep the facilities in your place, need to rent some resources in company who provides such service. You just share the expenses on implementation and maintenance of the equipment and getting stable mining capacity
  • Building personal exchange service is still actual way of earning. In some countries bitcoin industry isn’t yet developed, and possible improving this by making your exchange service.

The ways of earning bitcoins evolve every day, and some ways which been topical yesterday could be not actual today. Just need to find your business and improve it from day to day and you can answer of how to get bitcoins yourself.

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