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How to Buy Bitcoins with Western Union

How to Buy Bitcoin with Western Union
Before we analyzed the ways of how to buy bitcoin in general. But we get many questions about detailed instruction regarding BTC purchase with Western Union.

In this article we explain how to buy bitcoins using western union payment system.

You should know that Western Union does not support Bitcoin exchange itself and such actions are going through exchange services as CasherBox is.

To buy BTC with Western Union you should:
  1. Accomplish an order for buying bitcoin on this page

    buy btc with wu form
    1st step

  2. Fill out the form:

    • In the field You give enter amount in USD you plan to transfer. Keep in mind that this is a clean amount we pick up. The fees of western union have to be paid separately in wu office while transfer sending.
    • Below will be shown amount of BTC you receive after we process your order. This amount can be corrected depending on Bitcoin exchange rate sufficient change.
    • Bitcoin Wallet - please copy/ paste your BTC address. To this address we will pay BTC after picking up the transfer.
    • First name and last name - enter your name and second name, one should be used for western union sending.
    • E-mail - put your e-mail for website registration, exchange order tracking.
    • Password / Re-enter password - make a password minimum of 8 symbols and it will be used for future site logging in.
    • Press Send button
  3. After completing all the fields you'd get the name and country whom western union transfer should be sent to on the next page.

    step 2

    • First name - the name or first name of western union transfer receiver
    • Last name - the 2nd name or surname of receiver
    • Country - destination country of where WU transfer should be sent to
    • City - city where transfer should be sent to.

      Usually transfers are going to Ukraine, but sometimes there are few other countries. Please note that we are not using messengers to give receivers names. All the names are given only on this page.
    • After transfer sending in western union office or online, you get MTCN - control number of 10 digits, you should press the button Fill In Transfer’s Details and accomplish the exchange order.
  4. Complete your exchange form after sending WU transfer

    step 3 complete payment details

    • Put the amount in USD as it is written in the receipt. It can be corrected if you send more or less. It is not required to make another order with different amount.
    • MTCN - money transfer control number shown on paper receipt receipt which is given by western union system after transfer sending
    • First name - sender's 1st name
    • Last name - surname or second name of the sender
    • Country, City - location where transfer has been sent from
    • Additional - if you want to add additional notes. In case if it sent in different currency or some other information valued for you.
    • Press Send button.

Step 4 payment status
After this step transfer status will be changed to “Pending”

During this status WU transfer will be picked by receiver and your order will be performed by exchanger.

When transfer is picked up by us its status will be changed to “Paid”. This means that your exchange order is paid completely.

After this we will transfer Bitcoins to your wallet and transfer status will be changed to “Done”

Please note:

If we picked up different amount than mentioned by your it will be corrected in fact of transfer picking up and you will get email notification about this.
All western union transfers picking up are processing in working hours in manual mode. Usually it takes 20min - 1 hour for complete exchange in this direction.
If there are suspicious transfers, fraud or some other schemes detected we can decline such exchange processing.

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