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How to Get Bitcoin From Scratch?

How to receive Bitcoin without investing
Many users exchange cash for bitcoin, or make a profit using the exchange rate, but few people think about how to get bitcoin without investment. The fact is that the creation of a cryptocurrency is a complex procedure that requires special equipment. This procedure is called mining.

It will take a lot of money to purchase a device for mining, but in a good scenario, you can make good money with bitcoin. In addition, such a unit consumes a huge amount of electricity, so cryptocurrency "hunters" use it only in cases where it is possible not to pay for it at all, or partially.

How to make Bitcoin from scratch without buying equipment?

In addition to standard mining, there is also cloud mining. Its advantage is that you do not need to purchase expensive equipment to “hunt” for cryptocurrency. You just need to choose a server and rent computing power there. But this procedure is not without risk. In recent years, scammers who hide after paying the rent have become very densely occupied by such servers.

Alternatively, you can purchase power in giga or terahesh (analogs of gigabytes and terabytes). This is the safer way. Their cost depends on the exchange rate.

Another method of making money is using special bitcoin faucets. They represent a special reward system that exists in the form of a website. By completing certain tasks, you will receive pieces of bitcoin. The disadvantage is that the procedure can take a long time. For example, it can take about a month to collect one unit.

How do you get Bitcoin on such resources? Usually, services offer to play certain online games, watch videos, click on ads, etc. In general, nothing complicated or illegal. The most popular sites that provide this feature include:
  1. BTC Clicks;
  2. Coin Bulb;
  3. Cix Coin;
  4. Bittube.
But this option is also not suitable for a constantly busy person. Watching commercials for several hours is not the best pastime.

Earning bitcoin in mobile applications

This is many times more convenient than sitting at a PC, since today every modern person has round-the-clock access to a mobile phone. Today, there are a bunch of applications that offer to earn bitcoin. You can ride public transport, sit in the park, and simultaneously mine cryptocurrency.

But in this case, you will need a very good battery that holds a charge for a long time, as well as unlimited internet. In principle, this is not that difficult, especially when compared to traditional mining. By the way, now there are even special bitcoin faucets for smartphones. It:
  1. Free Bitcoin;
  2. Free Bitcoin App;
  3. Cointiply.
The ways to make money are the same, but only on your phone: games, advertising videos, clicking on links. In other words, you get bitcoin in exchange for your own time. The only question is your own desire and willingness to spend hours on monotonous affairs.

Best bitcoin exchange

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