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How to Buy Ethereum in Ukraine

How to buy ethereum in Ukraine
Ethereum is the second most popular and capitalized crypto currency in the world. It has got glory of a stable and convenient asset for creating smart contracts, financing start-ups and ICO. All power and popularity of ethereum deserves its creator Vitalik Buterin with his unconventional thinking.
Ether has a solid potential for growth in the future in connection with hardfork and transition to POS mining, as well as the growing popularity and a good team of developers.

Ways of buying ethereum?

Purchase of ethereum is available in 3 ways: When purchasing ethereum (ETH), user must ensure that he has
  • created a purse in ethereum blockchain
  • securely saved, a backup phrase, password
  • all measures are taken to prevent access to your wallet of hackers (2 factor authentication is configured, maximum protection is established depending on preferred wallet, make sure that there are no viruses and trojans on the computer that could track personal data)

  • The format of Ethereum wallet looks like this:


    How to buy ethereum for cash in Ukraine?

    Choosing this method client can choose to meet with our courier or make a calculation in the office. Operation is quite simple:
    • an application is created on the site
    • User having a purse number meets in our office with us (or by courier) pay an application
    • we transfer ETH into the client's wallet
    The whole operation in this case takes no more than 15 minutes. Ethereum will be available after 3 confirmations.

    How to buy Ethereum through privat24?

    Acquisition of ethereum implies payment of an application for a purchase through Privatbank in UAH. We want to note that transfers in this direction from 3rd parties are not accepted. Owner of account must pay himself. The scheme looks like this:
    • user makes an application for purchase of ETH through privatbank
    • fill in account number of ETH account, name and telephone number
    • pays through a Privatbank Ukraine or terminal
    • ETH being transferred to the client's account
    Purchase of ETH by this method is simple and fast, but has a limit on the amount, user verification

    What in total? What to choose?

    Totally we want to emphasize the potential of this coin and say that this can be one of the best investments for your future, not depending on the method and place of purchase. The main thing is to be neat as in process of creating a purse, and in everything else. Crypto currency does not forgive forgotten passwords!
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