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How to Create Bitcoin Wallet?

On the Inernet you can find great variety of ways to earn money, one of which is earning on bitcoin trades. Despite the ways of earning first of all you should create bitcoin wallet

There are few main ways of Bitcoin wallet creation:
1. With the help of Blockchain service.
2. Creation of btc wallet inside Webmoney wallet.
3. Bitcoin wallet creation with the help of Payeer service
4. Open bitcoin wallet in some of bitcoin platforms suc as BTC-e, Bitstamp, Bitfinex and others.
5. Using of one of desktop software such as Multibit-HD, Bicoin Core, Bitcoin Knots, Armory, Electrum, Bitgo, Copay, mSigna and others.
6. Open BTC account on web based applications such as Coin.Space, Coinapult, Coinbase, Circle and others.

1. Blockchain is the first and mainly used Bitcoin platform to keep the BTC. The main advantage that you can use same Bitcoin wallet on many devices same time without need of long synchronisation like if you use desktop software applications. As well if you loose your device you can easily restore the access to your BTC funds from another device. The disadvantage is that sometimes blockchain offline, has overload, or under hackers attacks what means you can't use your bitcoins until they get back working properly. But nothing is as bad as it seems. You can create a bitcoin key from your bitcoin core application and put it inside blockchain wallet. That means that you can use your Bitcoin wallet even when blockchain has problems. Blockchain walet has variety of applications for different devices under iOS, Android, Windows and even browser applications such as Google Chrome. Transfer fee you can choose by yourself starting from 0.0000 btc and putting as much as you want. In general this platform seems to be he most safe, easy, and universal.

2. Webmoney Bitcoin Wallet uses the functionality of Webmoney system to implement bitcoin operations. Right after bitcoin creation Webmoney launched WMX purses for Bitcoins purpose. This means you can transfer your bitcoins between WMX purses with the fee of 0.8%. And when you want you can widthdraw your BTC to real Bitcoin wallet. The guarantee of such widthdrawn confirmed by INDX Transactions LTD. P.O. Box 3321, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Really your funds are kept by that company and you can't say anything about anonimity and decentralisation of the system. As well the widthraw of the funds takes at least 24 hours, and this is not really good for bitcoin wallet.

3.Payeer - is one of the new payment systems which propose functionality of btc cashout but not to keep your bitcoins.

4. Bitcoins platforms such as BTC-e, Bitfinex, Bitstamp propese btc storage and fast BTC exchange but do not guarantee the anonimity and any time access to your funds. The main disadvantage is if this plaform gets closed you'll loose all your bitcoins.

5.Web based applications are the most universal Bitcoin wallets. You can choose any listed on Bitcoin website and install it on your phone, tablet, or PC and using it from all devices same time. This wallet together with paper reserve copy guarantee the highest level of security for your BTC. Even if online wallet doesn't work, you can instal PC wallet like Multibit and restore access to your Bitcoins.

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