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What is btc e code

First, consider what this term means and what types there could be. If you replenish and withdraw money from btc-e.com exchange, you probably met such methods of depositing and withdrawing funds or trying to get heard such a thing as BTC-e code or voucher.
BTC-e Code - a set of numbers and letters, which carries a special key by which you can transfer your BTC, LTC, dollars. Pass this key to another person, and he will be able to replenish itself through on the same stock exchange in the amount equal to that the code has been created.
BTC-e code is used to quickly transfer money between users BTC-e.com exchanges mainly in US dollar currency. This method minimizes the loss during conversion to cryptocurrency, and then reverse the conversion to dollars.

What is btc e code

BTC e code is very similar to the good old phone recharge vouchers, which were very popular a few years ago, and then moved away because of the recharge technologies on the internet and the development of infrastructure of payment terminals.

BTC-e Code Example


The first 4 characters represent the exchange code, followed by currency (USD), then goes directly 40 characters of the voucher, which keeps the balance.

How to create a BTC-e Code

  1. To create the voucher it is necessary to make sure that you have the sufficient balance on the account.
  2. Go to “finances
  3. Select the line with the currency in which you want to create btc-e code
  4. Press the "Widthdraw"
  5. In the Output, select the BTC-E Code
  6. Enter the desired amount
  7. If necessary, you can specify the recipient's account. This voucher can only be redeemed to this account and the account from which it was created. If this field left blank, the voucher can be redeemed to any account. This field is optional.
  8. Press “Widthdrawal
After that, if you have a two-factor authentication, you specify a one-time password from your application, if not - you will get a link to your email to confirm the withdrawal of funds in btce code. After clicking on the confirmation link, you will see the BTC-E code. It should be stored in a safe place and not disclose to anyone strange.

Precautions of BTC-e vouchers usage

  • Keep btce codes in a safe place, do not send them to other unknown people
  • Try not to transfer the voucher to strange services asking the code or its part upfront
  • If your code redeemed by someone, it becomes activated and the balance goes into the account on which it was redeemed. When you re-enter the same code that it will be written BTC-E CODE expired. You will not have opportunity to find out on what account, and from what IP address it has been redeemed
  • The voucher can be picked up if you send part of the code, never send part of the code you’ve created. In this case, the attacker could pick up the rest of the code, and to withdraw your money.
  • All vouchers have expiry date, which is one month from the date of creation. After this period redeem of the voucher can only be to the account from which it was created.

However BTCe closed in 2016 and after its transformation to WEX no improvements since then.
We recommend to keep your BTC in your wallet than on some exchanges and have your private keys secured.

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