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How to restore Bitcoin sent to Bitcoin Cash address?

Bitcoin sent to BitcoinCash Address Restore Guide
Quite often our support is faced with such a question how to recover Bitcoin when it has been sent to BitcoinCash wallet.
We decided to put this problem in a separate article.

To begin with, if it really happened and you transferred the BTC to the BitcoinCash address, the main thing is not to panic. You can recover funds. The main thing is to follow the instructions.

Previously, we figured out how to restore the wallet in general. In this case, this knowledge will be useful to us in part.

Bitcoin (BTC) and BitcoinCash (BCH) are completely different cryptocurrencies, but have the same addresses and private keys between them.
In a recent update, BCH released support for addresses other than BTC in order to avoid confusion, but support for the usual addresses remained.

What to do if you have private keys

If the transfer of BTC was made to the address from which you have private keys (backup phrase), then you need to download the wallet, for example Electrum and restore the wallet there.
For this you need:
  1. install electrum
  2. click to restore the existing wallet
  3. enter the seed phrase (12-24 words depending on the standard)
  4. choose bitcoin

BTC balance will be displayed in the wallet

What to do if there are no private keys

If there is no access to the wallet’s backup, and the address where the bitcoins been sent belongs to the exchange, the service, the merchant or the exchanger, then the only way is to contact the service support and request to return the incorrectly transferred amount.

Some services manage to say that it is impossible to return coins paid to another blockchain's wallet. This is not true. In the example with BTC and BCH, restoring access to funds from the service is not a problem.

If you have a multi-currency wallet

If the Bitcoin Cash wallet on which the transaction was made is installed in a multi-currency wallet, for example, Coinomi you should:
  1. Enter the menu
  2. Go to tab add wallets / tokens
  3. Choose Bitcoin
  4. Press “+” and enter current password
  5. After that, the BTC wallet, balance and ability to manage it will be added directly to the current application.

If you transferred BCH to BTC address

In this case, everything is done in the same way with the same instruction, but instead of a Bitcoin wallet, the BitcoinCash wallet is restored.
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