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How to cash out Ethereum to card

How to convert ETH to Card
Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies today, second only to Bitcoin in terms of sales. This is not surprising, since this coin is particularly decentralized. Each transaction has its own price, which directly depends on the time and network load.

Ethereum price today is 1942.92 US dollars.

Ethereum's main goal is to help create decentralized applications that will use blockchain technology.

ETH is now a fairly reliable cryptocurrency, which is very popular. However, many people are looking for where to sell ethereum. In this case, they have several options - use the functionality of exchanges or apply for services in exchangers.

In the first case, you will work with a convenient interface, however, the percentage of the commission will be quite a solid part of the total transaction amount. In addition, transaction confirmation can be expected for several days for bank transfers (and in some cases more than a week).

Exchangers offer a faster and cheaper way to withdraw money. However, you should only contact reliable organizations that have a certain reputation. Indeed, in this market there is a certain layer of scammers whose purpose is only to get your coins.

The process of exchange Ethereum to card using Casherbox

Casherbox is a reliable exchanger that has managed to earn a reputation of a reliable and fast partner in all its activities. Many people use the services of this company every day, while they use not only non-cash funds, but also cash.

If you are interested in how to sell ether to card, you need to perform the following actions:
  • Fill out an application for an exchange, indicating your personal data (name, surname, email and place of residence).
  • Select the appropriate bank to which the withdrawal will be made (Casherbox cooperates with AlfaBank, Privatbank, Monobank).
  • Read the transfer agreement and agree to its terms and conditions if everything suits you.
  • Make a payment for the application, following the instructions on the site.
After payment, your web browser will direct you to a page where the status of the transfer will be indicated. In a few hours, you will be able to get the amount in fiat money without having made particularly difficult actions for this.

If you are interested in how to convert ethereum to dollars, then making this on a card is not possible. However, you can receive cash in US currency. To do this, you should leave a request on the site, arrange with the employee about a meeting in a place convenient for you, and at the same time make an exchange of cryptocurrency for fiat money.

Casherbox is known for its safety, so you can be completely confident in the successful completion of the transaction. If you still have questions, then our staff will be happy to answer them.

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