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Bitcoin Exchange in Kiev

Bitcoin exchange in Ukraine
There are several methods to exchange bitcoin in Kiev. The methods primarily depend on the amounts. If a small amount of BTC can be bought or sold through a cryptomat, then for a larger amount, you need to choose other ways.

The choice of a particular place and method depends on such factors:
  • Purchase or sale amount.
  • Exchange direction.
  • Location.
  • Exchange security.
With Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchanger Casherbox it is easy to sell Bitcoin for cash in Kiev This is one of the most efficient and safe methods.

To exchange Bitcoin for cash in Kiev, you need:
  1. Fill out and pay * an application by indicating your contact phone number.
  2. Come to our office during working hours and receive cash.
In our office, you can safely count money without standing in the shopping center in front of the terminal and without waiting in line as in conventional currency exchangers. Our service specializes only in the exchange of cryptocurrencies. * - Payment for the application in Kiev is possible both in advance and on the spot in the office, in other cities the issuance takes place after full advance payment. When paying for the application, the rate will be fixed at the time of payment and 3 confirmations of the transaction on the network during business hours.

It is also possible to fix the exchange rate outside of working hours by agreement with the administrator. This method is suitable for a sharp rise or fall in the exchange rate during non-working hours.

Courier delivery in Kiev:

Courier delivery is carried out within the city of Kiev free of charge for amounts of $ 10,000, for amounts less than $ 10,000, the delivery cost is $ 20. Delivery to the suburbs is possible by agreement and current courier availability.
The transfer of money from hand to hand occurs after 3 confirmations in the Bitcoin network, the process is monitored through the blockchain.com website.

There is also an opportunity to buy bitcoin in Kiev.

To buy BTC for cash dollars, you need:
  1. Fill out an application and agree on the time of arrival at our office.
  2. When we meet, we recalculate the money, fix the bitcoin rate and transfer it to your wallet.
We would like to note that we do not carry out exchanges on the street, crossings, in obscure places, cafes and other establishments. All currencies can be checked with a banknote detector on site. The process of confirming the enrollment of cryptocurrency can be carried out in a comfortable environment, drink coffee and discuss the possible development of the cryptocurrency market.

The exchange of bitcoins for cash, other cryptocurrencies is carried out in other cities of Ukraine such as Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv. The specific city and direction must be checked with the service administrator in Telegram before cryptocurrency exchange processing.

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