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Why Not to Sell Bitcoin Today

Why not to sell bitcoin today
Since the beginning of spring, the cost of bitcoin has quadrupled. Typically, such a rise is followed by a decline when the price gradually declines. Experts say that it is not worth selling cryptocurrency yet. And if you really want to, then you need to do it right, with maximum benefit.

It is worth recalling that last year the price of bitcoin was $ 3,800 - now it reaches 17,800. It would seem that if you sell cryptocurrency now, you will get a good profit. Moreover, after a rapid rise, a decline may begin, and then the price will return to the previous level (well, if not lower).

But experts have a different opinion. They believe that bitcoin will continue to rise in price. According to the statements, by 2021 the exchange rate will reach $ 14,000. Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, expects the price of the cryptocurrency will soon be $ 100,000, and under favorable conditions will rise to $ 250,000.

In other words, Bitcoin is now a good option for a long-term investor. After several years of waiting, he will bring tangible profits. It is very important here not to miscalculate the moment when the course reaches its highest point.

It is worth noting that the all-time high recorded in 2017 is $ 20,000. Today the course is very close to it. Therefore, experts advise to keep bitcoin with you and buy more.

How to sell cryptocurrency with minimal losses

According to Maxim Keidun, CEO of HodlHodl, there is no point in selling electronic currency today, since the market is going through a stage of accumulation. Large companies are gathering strength, and then a rapid increase in quotations will begin.

This is not the only reason the value of bitcoin continues to rise. The pandemic has had a similar impact, as a result of which many people now make payments over the Internet using electronic money. Hence the growth in popularity, which provoked an increase in the exchange rate.

So, if you need a long-term investment, then there is simply no cryptocurrency more reliable than bitcoin. His translation is another matter. To exchange virtual Internet currency without loss, use the 30-30-40 rule.

Its essence is as follows: first, you sell 30% of the shares, then carefully observe the situation for 2-3 weeks. Bitcoin price continues to rise? Then you need to wait a little longer, not rushing to sell. If the result is the opposite, then you can safely set the next 30%. Then again take the observer position. If after 2-3 weeks the rate of the cryptocurrency continues to fall, sell the remaining 40% without hesitation.

The purchase is carried out on a similar principle. It is not recommended to buy bitcoin entirely. In this case, the probability of going negative is too high.

The safest option is to buy in parts. Receive 30%, then watch the course movement for 2-3 weeks. If the price soars quickly, then you need to buy the rest. Otherwise, take your time - there is a chance that a rapid decline in value will begin soon.

Trusting the forecasts of experts or selling cryptocurrency right now is everyone's personal business. Given the current market conditions, bitcoin owners can benefit quite well in the future, but the opposite is also possible.

In any case, as soon as the price drops rapidly, most investors will start trading cryptocurrency, which will entail a decline. Although this will not happen soon, if there are no significant changes in the market that can reduce the demand for electronic money several times.

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