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Sell Bitcoin for cash in Bucharest

Bitcoin exchange in Bucharest
If you need cash for your Bitcoins you can get it using our services. Exchange service Casherbox is pleased to announce the availability of exchange BTC to USD in Bucharest.

How to sell BTC in Bucharest for cash?

In order to sell BTC or another cryptocurrency in Bucharest you should:
  1. Contact our support in online chat support or using contact us section. We support with telegram @casherbox. We do not have any other telegram accounts, bots, or messengers. Please make sure that you type it correctly.
  2. Agree amount, and the details of a deal.
  3. Pay the order. (In some cases, we need full payment, in some - reserve for delivery, in some - we do not need any payment upfront). All details should be agreed with our operator.
  4. Meet with our delivery service, send BTC to us, wait 3 confirmations and take cash.
Why to choose our Bitcoin exchange service:
  • Our service works since 2014, has a good reputation and thousands of users.
  • We can provide terms that can be suitable for you.
  • Availability of agree percent and details of deal before its performance. The fee and minimum amount depend on amount of BTC to be cashed out, and time when you need it to be done.

Why to exchange BTC for cash is the best option.

Due to a lot of people moved from Ukraine and not all of the got registration to make bank account sometimes using BTC to cash services are the optimal way for urgent cash receiving. Our service supports Ukrainian and English language where you are always pleased to contact us regarding crypto, BTC, or any other help.
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