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Sell or Buy Bitcoin in Targoviste

Bitcoin exchange Targoviste
Getting cash for your Bitcoins is available in Targoviste, Romania. You can exchange BTC to USD, BTC to EURO, and Bitcoin to RON in this city.

How to sell Bitcoin in Targoviste for cash?

If you want to sell BTC for cash you should perform few easy steps:
  1. Using our online chat or telegram @casherbox contact our operator to agree the terms, amount and the fee of exchange.
  2. Pay the order (Agree the terms of payment prior. It varies depending on amount, time and cash availability. Sometimes no need to pay anything upfront, sometimes need to pay some reserve for delivery, sometimes need to pay for full order upfront).
  3. Meet with our delivery service and finish the transaction. Before getting cash we will require to see BTC in our wallet in full with 3 confirmations.

Why exchange Bitcoin for cash with us:

  • We provide fast and convenient service since 2014, have hundreds of satisfied customers.
  • We can negotiate terms, fee and time regarding on your needs.
  • Availability of agree percent and details of deal before its performance. The fee and minimum amount depend on amount of BTC to be cashed out, and time when you need it to be done.

Why to exchange BTC for cash is the best option.

As many people moved from Ukraine to European Union and Romania, sometimes not possible for them to open bank account. The only option remains to receive cash hands to hands. We provide such services to help refugees and other people. We provide support in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages. Feel free to contact us with any question regarding Bitcoin exchange in Targoviste or others cities of Romania.

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