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Any visitor (hereinafter USER) of casherbox site (hereinafter SERVICE), collectively referred to as the Parties and individually as Party unconditionally accept the following obligations:
USER accepts this Agreement, visit the Internet site SERVICE - casherbox.net. Before using the service the user agrees to read and fully accept the agreement. Using the services, constitutes your entire agreement with the above agreement.
In the exchange of title characters Webmoney accepts an agreement of purchase and sale of title signs WMZ, WMU. This agreement is a public offer and does not require a signature. Public Offer Agreement has the same legal effect as an ordinary contract,
 SERVICE provides services in the following terms:
- PARTIES acknowledge electronic documents drawn up with the help of (means) WebMoney Transfer system and e-mails (documents, directed by e-mail (e-mail)), and acknowledge their equivalent paper documents signed by a handwritten signature, because . only the parties and their authorized persons have access to appropriate means of communication - e-mail addresses and WMid (accounts WebMoney Transfer). Access to e-mail, and each Party shall WMid password and agrees to keep it confidential.
- SERVICE is not responsible provided the USER agreement between the user and the electronic payment systems that support the service.
- SERVICE does not collect statistical information on the operations by the user for internal use only, and does not transmit it to third parties. The exception to this point of the agreement is the requirement of the authorized state bodies to provide information about the user, and only on legal grounds.
- Operations with electronic payment systems supported services are irreversible, in accordance with the terms used by the service of electronic payment systems.
- Any operation between users and services since its completion is irreversible.
- SERVICE is responsible only for the funds transferred by the user to exchange or transfer and is not responsible for the loss of funds as a consequence of disruption of the electronic payment system (s) or other reasons.
- In the event of dispute between users and services, the size of the maximum compensation by the service may not exceed the amount transferred by the user to exchange or transfer, the user if the fault warrants an independent compensation of the damages caused by the service. All disputes between users and services shall be settled by negotiations.
- Fees for services are set service and are subject to change at any time.
- All the information on the website service and the text of the Agreement is protected by copyright (the exclusive rights reserved by the author of the text). USER and third parties are not entitled to use the text of the Agreement or a protected part of other contracts and is not entitled to any other use of the text of the Agreement, except for the purpose of execution of the Agreement, and only where such use is the text of the Agreement or its parts is necessary.
- This agreement may be changed at any time without notice to the user.
 Matching the collection and processing of personal data
The Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data" (hereinafter the Act) regulates legal relations related to the protection and processing of personal data and is aimed at protecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of man and citizen.
According to Part 5 and Part 6 of Article 6 of the Law of personal data processing is carried out for a specific and legitimate purposes, with the consent of certain personal data of the subject, or in the cases provided for by the laws of Ukraine, in the manner prescribed by law.
Customer service provides its consent to the processing of his personal data according to the specific purpose of their treatment for an unlimited period of storage and processing of personal data. The service also has the right to store and process customer personal data obtained from publicly available sources.
The purpose of the processing of personal customer data is to ensure the implementation of the relations in the sphere of services, ensuring the implementation of commercial service activities, compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
The customer agrees to the collection and processing of personal data under this form.
Terms of execution of orders and transactions
Typically, the period of performance of payment services for automated directions does not exceed a few minutes sharing to exchange directions in which the service operator's participation is required, usually no more than 60 minutes. The maximum period of payment execution (translation of the resulting amount) is 12 hours. SERVICE is not responsible for the delay of counterparties in operations and systems of intermediate means of payment (including the malfunction of Internet sites and other banks), in such cases, the payment deadlines may be proportionally increased.
When any operation to the site's service, with insufficient reserves for instant payment applications for sharing SERVICE processed in turn.
Fast processing of the application can not be guaranteed. Also, at any time, the user is able to select and receive a quick payment of other means of payment, with a sufficient reserve.
The rules for transfers in settlement systems
Exchange (buying, selling) are prohibited in favor of third parties. User is obliged to make deposit, withdrawal, exchange only between their purses, accounts, cards, accounts, etc., registered on the same face, the same data.
In the case of inconsistencies in the data exchange will be refused, and the money will be sent back within 3 working days.
If you try to make the exchange, purchase (commissioning), Sale (output) WebMoney-related or other systems between the different calculations and are not tied purses, accounts akkkauntami, maps, etc., then the refund, the payment system commission will be charged to you . Ie. You pay a commission, and for the transfer of funds to us, and return them back.
For WebMoney title units on your wallet, your WMID should not have restrictions on receiving payments from unauthorized correspondents or our WMID 172232669296 must be authorized. For example, in the Keeper Classic, in the "Tools -> Program Options -> Restrictions" in the settings "Allow taking from unauthorized correspondents" should be checked at the "Payments" option.
 For users of WM Keeper Mobile, have not been verified, and only for purses, received upon registration in WM Keeper Mobile, introduced the following restriction. The maximum amount of funds for all the purses can not exceed 15000 WMR (or the equivalent in any other currency at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation).
If as a result of the transfer of funds to the purses, will exceed the maximum balance of purses, then make a payment can not be.
More on wiki.webmoney.ru
For users of WM Keeper Mini, not connected WM Keeper Classic, and only for the purse, created in WM Keeper Mini account, type the following limitation - the maximum amount of funds for purses may not exceed:
5000 WMR (equivalent) in the absence of a trusted phone;
15000 WMR when checking the phone number in the Control Panel certificate, his appointment in WM Keeper Mini and enabling verification option transactions via SMS or ENUM;
300 000 WMR (equivalent) in the preparation of the initial certificate, appointment phone in WM Keeper Mini and enabling verification option transactions via SMS or ENUM;
3 000 000 WMR (equivalent) in the preparation of a personal passport, appointment phone in WM Keeper Mini and enabling verification option transactions via SMS or ENUM
If as a result of the transfer of funds to the purses, will exceed the maximum balance of purses, then make a payment can not be.
More on wiki.webmoney.ru
Webmoney exchange for cash
Webmoney exchange is carried out in the cities of Kiev, Kirovograd. In all other cities of the input and output of cash is not possible.
To the I / O resources to cash the customer needs to arrange and pay for an application on the site in the event of withdrawal, place an order and pay at one of our offices within 3 days after its filing. At the expiration of this period, the application will be canceled.
To withdraw funds requirements are:
    Have a certificate of not lower than Formal
    From the moment of registration must be at least 7 days.
    Output is possible only if you line these data with the data of your WMID.
    Upon receipt of the money you need to present a passport, the one that is listed in your WMID
    Leave a copy of your passport at the meeting.
Failure to comply with any of these items will not be possible withdrawal.
For input devices:
1. Before 2000wmz per day can be without a passport
2. More than 2000 - similar to all withdrawals.
Copies of passports, as well as all personal information are stored according to the regulations of the work exchangers Webmoney system and never transmitted without requiring a system administration.
Make a request can be output directly as a payment and a protection code.
Cancel operations and applications, refund
From USER is not required cancellation, cancellation or removal of applications, which he for some reason did not want to perform after creating. If the user application has not been paid - it will be canceled automatically.
Operations with electronic means of payment available to the service of the site, are irreversible, in accordance with the terms of the service used means of payment.
In exceptional cases, if the resulting payment was not sent to the Service, the application may be canceled and the funds returned to the user by mutual agreement of the parties.
payment of taxes
SERVICE is not a tax agent for user transactions and does not provide information about the user to the tax authorities. Parties independently calculate and pay the necessary fees and charges in accordance with current legislation.
Processing of important applications
To ensure a response to a question the user should be directed to treatment through the ticket system website or an email address. The user must independently verify the user treatment delivery, received an automatic notification to your e-mail address
On the application and recognition of legal rules to combat illegal trade, financial fraud and money laundering:
SERVICE, joined together with the procedure of this agreement the user acknowledges the rule of law, including international ones, to combat illicit trafficking, financial fraud, money laundering and legalization of funds obtained by illegal means, and adopt the provisions of the following below:
Illicit trade - trade and distribution of goods and services that are illegal, harmful, offending morality, violating copyrights, propagandizing hatred and / or discrimination against people based on race, ethnicity, gender, social status.
Pyramid - a fraudulent structure, the organizers are redistributed and used for their own benefit funds received from its members under the promise of high interest earnings.
Money laundering - methods and procedures to transfer funds derived from illegal activity, in other assets for the purpose of concealing their true origins, the present owners or other aspects that could indicate a violation of law.
The USER undertakes to:
- Eliminate the direct or indirect complicity in illegal trade and any other illegal operations with the use of services;
- Eliminate direct or indirect holding of aiding financial fraud, do not use the service to create and distribute pyramids, as well as to commit acts contrary to the laws and regulations;
- Exclude in their practice with the use of the Service any action, the implementation of which may cause direct or indirect harm to the fight against money laundering and legalization of funds obtained by illegal means;
SERVICE undertakes to take the necessary actions to deter illegal trade, financial fraud and money laundering using the services. These actions include, including:
- To provide possible assistance to law enforcement agencies in the search for and capture terrorists who illegally launder money.
- Provide the competent authorities in accordance with applicable laws of any of the information requested concerning the processing services;
- Improving service to prevent the direct or indirect use of the service in activities contrary to the legislation aimed at combating illicit trafficking, financial fraud and money laundering.
SERVICE and users, taking on obligations under the Agreement, recognize that the fulfillment of the conditions contained in it purports to prevent them from supporting and participating in criminal activity on conducting illegal trade, financial fraud and money laundering.
Agreement Members are united in the understanding of the need to comply with legislation on the fight against terrorist financing and money laundering illegally obtained and associated commitments made under the Agreement. At the same time, each of the participants in the system is personally responsible for the actions committed by them using WebMoney Transfer system. Laying of personal responsibility on the other participants in the system, as well as on the service is not allowed.
During the initial use of the service withdrawal may be a delay in the payment of the USER. This is an additional check payment security service to prevent fraud and the withdrawal of funds obtained illegally from the system. Subsequent exchanges will take place without delay.
 Applicable law and disputes
 All disputes that may arise between the parties on the issues, not found its solution in the text of the Agreement will be resolved through negotiations on the basis of existing legislation.
If the dispute can not be resolved by negotiation, the parties have the right to transfer it to the competent court. The court, competent to deal with disputes of the Agreement, the parties agreed to consider the appropriate court at the location of the Service.
Force Majeure
In the case of force majeure (force majeure), which make it impossible to execute objectively SERVICE obligations under the Agreement, the terms of obligations transferred for the duration of such circumstances. At the same time the responsibility for delay in performance SERVICE can not be held.