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This site section allows to exchange BTC to Perfect Money USD instantly and without additional verifications and registrations.

Why to convert Bitcoin to PM?

Because of stability and anonymity Perfect Money got reputation of a very stable e-currency. It is popular for many service providers, VPN services, online shops and domain registrators. You may buy VPS servers and other stuff from shops verified by Perfect Money. We should mention that PM is centralized e-currency and it is possible that by some reason your account can be blocked or stopped. This we can’t tell about Bitcoin. But for unstable exchange rate some services still afraid to use BTC.

How to exchange Bitcoin to Perfect Money?

  1. Make BTC to PM exchange order
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  3. Pay the application

After these 3 steps Bitcoin will be transferred to your Perfect Money account instantly.

In some cases bitcoin perfect money exchange can be processed manually. This way it can take up to 20 minutes.