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Casherbox is a currency exchange online service. The following information should help you when looking to exchange money from Bitcoin to RIA US and obtain it at favorable exchange rates. You can also obtain money at your convenience. Casherbox will help you to transfer money from Bitcoin to Ria USD on an online platform through its website and the money will be securely, speedily and conveniently transferred electronically to the sender of your choice.

Transferring bitcoins to Ria USD

The transfer involves simple steps where you fill out an online form to fully identify the sender to the company and to the recipient. The information you fill includes the names, country, city, email and phone. You also need to create a password to secure your operations on the site. It is mandatory to fill out this information when you want to transfer bitcoins to Ria USD. As the seller, you need to use the site in person because the company does not accept transactions to be made by 3rd parties.

Exchanging bitcoins to Ria USD

The exchange rates of bitcoins to Ria USD through casherbox are relatively high. For instance, when you want to send 1 Bitcoin you will put the exact figure of the amount you want to send, say 1 Bitcoin and then you will see the amount that you will get when it is converted into RIA USD. This notifies you the exact amount of money that will be received in RIA USD. When you press the “send” button it means that you have read and agreed with the terms and conditions of using Casherbox’s website.

Bitcoin to ria usd is one of the numerous automatic exchanges of currency through electronic means. The service charges a commission of 6% of the amount being sent. The minimum amount you can send is 1 Bitcoin plus the 6% commission (min 5 USD) plus a RIA commission of 6 USD. Other than the USD you can also swap from one currency to the other in an easy and convenient manner. You may opt to buy, sell or withdraw money in the currency of your choice when you transfer USDs and other currencies from bitcoin to RIA USD.

Converting bitcoins to RIA USD

To convert bitcoins to ria requires that the person converting sends amounts exceeding 1 bitcoin in addition to the commissions otherwise the money will not be converted to be received as ria usd. For instance, when you send 1 bitcoin the recipient will receive 385.16 USD. When transferring, the currency exchange rate is displayed at the right side of the “exchange order” box in order to show the sender the 'buy' and 'sell' rates for other currencies namely Euro and the USD.