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Btc-e platform is highly recommended for users who are meeting bitcoins trading for the first time because of its usability and simplicity to understand even for newbie.

If you need btc-e code exchange to moneygram you should do the following easy steps:

  1. First you need to choose the amount of btc-e to withdraw from your account and create btc-e code exactly for this amount.
  2. Put just created btc-e code to the following field and name to which you want to receive money through MoneyGram, country and city.
  3. Please make sure that you enter name correctly, the following amount can be received in the destination country, no restrictions by local law and the amount is under the local bank limits and restrictions.
  4. Press send request
  5. By pressing this button you agree that data needed to make selling btc e code with moneygram is filled in correctly and you agreed with our exchange terms and agreement.

After finishing these steps your btc e code will be redeemed and we will send the transfer by MoneyGram.

The details needed for pick up Moneygram are:
  1. Reference number (8digits)
  2. Sender name
  3. Sender country/city
  4. Amount

All the details you will get after payment processing by us in your personal cabinet by logging in and clicking “exchanges”. Choose your exchange and all info will be there.

Sell btc e with Moneygram

It is usually takes 30 min to 2hours to make btc-e code to moneygram exchange in working hours.
Please note that transfers to some countries can be performed only in local currency. In this case Moneygram system will convert your transfer from usd to local currency automatically.
Do not hesitate to ask questions in our live help section. We have promotion offers and even free of charge transfers to sell btc e codes. To get know about your country discount please contact us.