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USDT is widely used for funds transferring between exchanges in fiat currency. It gained popularity as the first crypto coin pegged to the dollar. The activity is performed by offshore company Tether Limited. It was created on Bitcoin blockchain and still used to keep USD balance on major exchanges. So how to convert usd to usdt?

To Buy USDT with Western Union you should:

  1. Have Tether Wallet account. It can be created on any exchange. There is still no good solution for offline wallet, so all you need is to use such option.
  2. Create an order on this page
  3. Fill in the required fields and password to make an account for future log in possibility
  4. After that step you will get a name for sending money to. With this name you should go to any western Union office and ask them to make a transfer to this name.
  5. After all they will give you a receipt with 10 digits control number (MTCN), amount been sent, sender’s name and country.
  6. Finish your exchange by filling in the rest of the form which you find in your exchanges.

After these steps Order for buying Tether with USD through Western Union will be created and all you need is to wait few minutes for it to be processed.

Such type of exchange is performed manually after picking up your transfer. In working hours it takes 20 min- 1h to deliver USDT to your wallet.

Why to choose our USDT exchanger:

  • We propose easy and clear way of buying Tether
  • No additional verification required
  • No hidden fees
  • Fast transfers processing and live support available
  • Can buy even small amounts which is not possible with others
  • Our exchange service is working for more than 7 years and gained authority of stable service
If you have any questions regarding USDT buying through Western Union feel free to contact us. We are glad to help in any question.

If you need a reverse exchange you can sell usdt to usd.