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Convert Moneygram to Zcash today to make your investment into a very technological and save cryptocurrency today to get a high profit on its future growth. It has a great potential for price increasing and making your money grow.

There are few key features of Zcash which making this cryptocurrency more attractive than others:
  • High security using private transfers, which makes your transfer hidden. That means transfer won’t be shown in zcash blockchain website, no one can see the sender and receiver account and amount of transfer.
  • Zero-knowledge proofs allow the confirmation of fully encrypted transactions as valid.
  • Mathematically guaranteed anonymity made this e currency the top-level anonymous cryptocurrency.
To buy Zcash (ZEC) with Moneygram you can make different manipulations with different stock exchangers by adding money there, then exchanging it to Zcash, most of them do not take USD as a currency. That’s why you will have to buy Bitcoin for cash and then exchange BTC to Zcash. It takes a lot of time.

But we have a better solution if you need to buy Zcash directly. All you should make a ZEC account, make an order on our website in exchange section: Moneygram to Zcash. Your order will be processed in few minutes after sending moneygram transfer to us, your Zcash will appear in your account almost instantly.

If you don’t have Moneygram location in your area you can buy Zcash with Western Union which has more offices and ATMs for sending.

Please note that we process such exchanges in working time manually. If you sent money after working day finished, your MG to ZEC exchange next day at 9am.