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Recently, many people are faced with the problem when the transfer Dollars to Bitcoin takes too much time. Moreover, registration in exchanges is often delayed, requires additional verification and the exchange rate can be changed within certain period of time.
Fortunately, today you can buy bitcoin for cash in Kiev and save yourself from all the inconveniences associated with the exchange process. This is a very private way of buying digital coins, which has recently become more and more popular, and most importantly - it is 100 % safe and confidential.

How to buy Bitcoin

Buy bitcoin for dollars a phrase that is unlikely to appear in someone’s head just a few years ago. Initially, the financial regulators were extremely aggressive and not particularly friendly towards the emergence of cryptocurrency. While people in foreign countries bought bitcoins with might and main, many Ukrainian entrepreneurs denied the benefits of such a process. Now they have realized their mistake and wish to purchase BTC for cash. The fact is that over the past few years, BTC has proven its liquidity around the world. Businessmen, along with ordinary people, realized that buying even the smallest amount of such cryptocurrency will definitely not hurt.

So how do you convert dollars into bitcoin and finally get BTC into your account?

It's simple: just use our reliable and safe service, which has been operating for a long time and offers customers favorable terms of cooperation.
To exchange dollars for bitcoins, you will need to perform a few simple steps. So, if this is your first time working with cryptocurrency, you need to make sure that the wallet is safe and that there are no viruses on the device. It is also very important to keep the seed phrase - without it, restoration of access to the lost account will be impossible.

For a quick and profitable purchase you will need:
  • Create a request in the appropriate section of the resource.
  • Contact the staff to agree on the place and time of the meeting.
  • Meet and pay for the application.
  • Get bitcoins for the wallet that was indicated in the application.
Recently, cases of fraud among those who use one-day websites, sit in telegram chat rooms and fill out applications in instant messengers have become more frequent.
We offer to buy Bitcoin Kiev as safely as possible on our website.

Why you should contact us.

  • 100% guaranteed security of the transaction, which is committed in our exchanger. Confirmation of these words are thousands of positive reviews from customers who have already had experience working with Casherbox.
  • Every day, dozens of transactions are conducted in various directions.
  • All operations performed with us will be performed as soon as possible with little commission and no risk.
  • A sufficient amount of reserves is used to exchange the necessary volume of transactions.
  • Well trained staff will help you in a positive manner and answer any question regarding electronic currency exchange.
Buy in Bitcoin with cash is available in working hours and requires you to come personally. All notes you pay in cash will be verified using banknote detector and we leave opportunity not to accept any suspicious, cut, dirty notes.

Where to Buy Bitcoin for cash?

Exchange available in our office:
Mykoly Holeho 7V, office 2, Kyiv, Ukraine

The staff of the Casherbox service operates in accordance with the Ukrainian currency policy, each operation is carried out within the the current legislative framework. If you have any questions about the cooperation, contact us using online chat or using email.