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The Monero cryptocurrency has earned the trust of users due to its anonymity, stability and protection against mining on asics. Thus, having received the support of both ordinary miners and people who want to remain anonymous during transactions. However, not all services offer XMR cashout. Also, when implementing the FATF rules, some cryptocurrency exchanges completely refused to support this cryptocurrency.

What should I do to convert Monero to cash?

Monero to USD exchange in Kyiv

It is possible to sell Monero in Kiev through our cryptocurrency exchange. This opportunity represents the withdrawal of XMR in cash dollars.

To withdraw XMR to USD, it is enough:
  1. Leave a request for an exchange by filling in all required fields.
  2. Transfer XMR to our account specified in the second step. (We do not force to pay in advance, but it greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of receiving cash at our office. However, you can pay for the application at the meeting as well. This will take a little longer).
  3. Contact us via chat on the site, or in another accessible way and coordinate the time of arrival for taking cash.
  4. Come to our office in Kiev, the address of which is indicated in the contacts and pick up $.
If the application was paid immediately, upon arrival at the office you must have an exchange number, saying that you can get the money.

Applications in this direction are processed manually and require agreement with the operator. We recommend clarifying the possibility of withdrawing, the required amount and the time when you want to collect it before making an exchange.

Why to exchange Monero with Casherbox exchanger?

  • Our Monero exchanger has a physical address for secure receipt of funds.
  • All banknotes are checked on site through a banknote detector. Issuance of worn, torn, glued notes is not allowed.
  • Upon request, delivery in Kyiv by our courier is possible.
  • Possible recounting at the bank branch for amounts from 5000.
  • We are always loyal to our users and customers. For large volumes or frequent operations, individual conditions are possible depending on the current market and our capabilities.
  • Minimum exchange amount is only 200$
If you still have questions about exchanging Monero for cash - write to online support or telegram, we will always be happy to answer your questions regarding the process of exchanging, storing and transferring XMR to USD.