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How to withdraw Tether to cash USD

The Tether cryptocurrency, or USDT is known for its tight pegging to the dollar, and at the same time is a full-fledged cryptocurrency built on the Bitcoin blockchain.

USDT is a tool to keep the balance in dollars on most exchanges. This function is extremely necessary when the cryptocurrency market falls, since Tether USDT is tied to USD, at the time of the cryptocurrency fall it is not scary. The main thing is to fix the position in time.

If you already have a balance in Tether, you can withdraw usdt to usd in Kiev without converting to bitcoin. You transfer USDT to our wallet and you receive cash dollars.

USDT to USD is exchanged in person at our office. We provide possibility of machine count with all notes verification

Advantages of exchanging USDT for cash over Bitcoin

Tether is converted to dollars at the rate fixed by you at a convenient time for you. When you withdraw BTC to cash, the rate is fixed at the time of the transaction. Since the meeting and exchange can take place only during business hours, it is better to fix the Bitcoin exchange rate using USDT, and then withdraw it the next day or anytime. This useful option is highly recommended for those who accept payments in cryptocurrencies and does not want to lose if the cryptocurrency rate drops.
Convenient calculation - USDT is withdrawn in $ and there can be no disagreement that the rate on one exchange is one, on the other - the other.

Features of USDT withdrawal in Kiev.

  • Tether USDT exchange is carried out in dollars.
  • The minimum amount of exchange is 500 USD.
  • We can deliver cash with our delivery service (please check the availability with our support).
  • Calculation occurs after 3 confirmations.
  • Possible to send USDT exactly when you are in our office, we do not require sending money upfront.
If you have any questions or difficulties when exchanging USDT for dollars, you can always clarify any question of interest in our online support or contact by any method.