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Exchange USDT to Western Union is taking leading position due to such facts:
  • Possible to fix Bitcoin rate to USDT at any time of a day on exchange and then convert USDT to Western Union and take money in any location of the world.
  • Ability to keep the exchange rate of any cryptocurrency instantly and doesn’t require to go to Bitcoin ATM or exchanger when rate is suitable for you.
  • Western Union transfer can be picked in any bank or WU office in your city.

How to sell Tether with Western Union

To convert USDT to USD with Western Union you should:
  1. Complete the exchange form on this page by filling in required fields such as name, last name, country and city. Please pay attention on name spelling, if transfer has been sent - it is difficult making corrections. As well some countries require middle name for picking up the transfer. For USA required city and state, for Canada - province.
  2. Pay your exchange order by transferring USDT to our account.
  3. Wait till processing by our operator and western union transfer will be sent.
  4. After finishing the exchange in you personal cabinet going to Profile -> Exchanges -> Finding your order you will get:
    • MTCN - 10 digits control number required for WU receiving
    • Name and surname of the sender
    • Sender's country
    • Amount sent (in some countries only local currency can be sent)
It usually take up to one hour in working time to sell USD for USDT with Western Union, however if you made the order after working day finished or in a day off - your order will be processed next working day in the morning. Please be advised that sending WU transfer requires 15-20 minutes at least. If working day finishing at 17.00 and you made payment at 16.50 it may be not enough time to finish your exchange same day.

If you entered invalid receiver name - we can change name in the transfer 1 time for free, each other time costs 5$. If you want transfer refund - it'll be refund without Western Union fee as it is not refundable by WU policy. (It can be refund only in case if it is a fault of the WU system)

We take only ERC20 USDT which is similar to Ethereum address. If you have tokens printed on OMNI platform please contact our support. We will try to find solution in you case.

Our exchange service is well known worldwide and offers good reputation, provides high quality services. If you feel that need assistance on any step of exchange, you can contact us in live chat and find out answers before completing the order. Please check the limits for sending to your country. Different countries have different limits for sending Tether to Western Union.