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Buy bitcoins with VISA / Mastercard online

Buy BTC using credit card is more easy than to do it using western union or any other payment system. All you need is to have valid credit/ debit card and amount of money needed to buy desired amount of BTC.  All the transfers are going through secured bank merchant wich guarantees your security. 

VISA/ Mastercard to bitcoin is the most fraudness direction so we can arrange additional measures in order to validate the owner of the card with the real credit card user. We have a very well working alghoritm which gurantees that only real owner of the card can buy bitcoins. All other attempts to buy bitcoin with credit card will be blocked and marked as fraud transfer attempt. So before buying bitcoins with credit card make sure that the card is really yours. We do not accept no name cards and unembossed cards. If we are not sure that the real owner is the real buyer we can refuse in processing transaction with money refund to the card from which the transfer has been made.