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Bitcoin has widely spread all over the world and in some cases it is difficult finding any place to buy bitcoin using pay pal or credit card. From one side these payment systems are reversible. This means that any buyer can make chargeback in any situation and tell that he has not sent money. Exchangers usually loose $ and make full refund. That’s why it’s very hard finding exchange services providing this.
Mostly used in this situation buy bitcoins with western union. In this case sender can’t make a chargeback if transfer has already been picked up by receiver. This helps for seller eliminate fraud transfers and scam schemes from sender’s side.

5 advantages of buy bitcoins with western union:

  • Money transfer can be sent from any bank accepting western union any country
  • USD available for pick up within 10 minutes
  • No processing delays, like bank wire has
  • Transfer is irreversible
  • Exchange process cash to bitcoins takes 15-20 minutes max.

To buy bitcoins customer should perform such 4 easy steps:

  1. Fill in the name, surname, country, amount of exchange
  2. On the second step, will be given a name for sending western union transfer, appear input field for transfers info
  3. Sender should go into one of western union (WU) offices and send money to a name given in step 2
  4. Finish the order entering Money Transfer Contol Number (MTCN) given in WU office after transfer is made, usually printed on a receipt, sender’s first name, last name, country, city of origin, amount (can be clarified)