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AML Policy

Casherbox accomplish the full compliance with all regulations and laws regarding money laundering. Every worker, employee or associated person of Casherbox is responsible for assisting in the company’s efforts to detect, deter and prevent money laundering and other activities intended to facilitate the funding of terrorist or criminal activities. Towards this end, it is the Firm's policy to screen all prospective customers before any account is established and to monitor transactions in customer accounts on an ongoing basis.

Please be advised that all accounts and exchange operations on the website are monitored by our system regarding suspicious activity and strange behavior, inexpedient operations which are making without any logical sense.

All the transfers made to/from your account including bank transfer, Western union, Moneygram, Ria and transfers by other payment systems must be made on the name of accounts holder. No third party transfers or transfer to a name that not similar than accounts holder name possible.

You can be awarded to provide some additional documents if your operation will be suspicious.

The service can decline any transfer to be processed if there be enough circumstances that showing any kind of money laundering activities, attempt to cheat with proving documents,