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Terms of Use Agreement

  1. General terms

    1. Any visitor (hereinafter USER) of the site casherbox.com (hereinafter SERVICE), collectively referred as the Parties and individually accept the following obligations.
    2. USER accepts the Agreement during the visit of the website of service — casherbox.com. Before using the service user agrees to read and fully accept the agreement. Using the services user constitutes entire approval of the current convention.

  2. Service providing conditions:

    1. All operations made through the site are provided as equivalence to the paper documents of agreement between user and service regarding the exchange volume, exchange rate, terms of exchange

  3. Exchange Rate

    1. Exchange rate and other terms can’t be changed by service after user exchange started if exchange is only in fiat currency or USD supported
    2. Exchange rate can be changed in exchange orders of cryptocurrency depending on market valuable growth or fall after transfer for exchange has been performed.
    3. Exchange rate can be corrected by the service with notification the user if the rate was faulty or doesn’t correspond to a market value.
    4. All fees for not started exchanges are set by service and can be changed without prior notification.

  4. Payment systems regulation

    1. Service is not responsible for user’s electronic payment systems using violation supported by the service.
    2. Transactions with electronic payment systems supported by the service are irreversible, in accordance with the terms used by electronic payment systems.
    3. Any operation between user and service since its completion is irreversible.

  5. Disputes

    1. All disputes between user and service are resolved through negotiations.
    2. Service only responsible for the funds transferred by the user to exchange or transfer and shall not be liable for the loss of funds because of the electronic payment; disruption or external reasons.
    3. In the event of disputes between user and service, the size of the maximum compensation by the service doesn’t exceed the amount of the amount transferred by user for current exchange.

  6. Copyright

    1. All the information on the website and the text of the Agreement is copyrighted (exclusive rights reserved by the author of the text). Users and third parties are not entitled to use the text of the Agreement or a protected part in other treaties, and are not entitled to any other use of the Agreement text, except of the purpose of the Agreement execution, and only when such usage is necessary.
    2. This agreement may be changed at any time without user notification.

  7. Collection and processing of personal data

    1. Service does not collect statistical information about the operation of a user for internal use, and does not transmit it to third parties. The exception to this point of the agreement is a requirement of public authorities to provide information about the user, and only for legitimate reasons.
    2. The Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data" (hereinafter the Act) regulates legal relations related to the protection and processing of personal data, and is aimed at protecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of man and citizen.
    3. According to Part 5 and Part 6 of Article 6 of the processing of personal data is carried out for a specific and legitimate purposes defined by consent of personal data subject, or in the cases stipulated by laws of Ukraine, in the manner prescribed by law.
    4. The client provides to the service consent of his personal data processing according to the specific purpose of handling an unlimited storage term and processing of personal data. The service also has the right to storage and processing of personal customer data obtained from publicly available sources.
    5. The purpose of personal data processing is to ensure the realization of the client relationship in the provision of services to ensure the implementation of business service, compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
    6. The client gives consent of personal data collection and processing under this form.

  8. Operational Time

    1. Normally, the period of payment services performance for the automatic exchange types do not exceed a few minutes, for the exchange types which requires the participation of service operator, typically less than 60 minutes.
    2. The maximum term of payment execution (transferring of the resulting amount) is 24 hours taking into account working days.
    3. Processing time for orders provided by other payment system such as Western Union, Moneygram, Ria etc are processed in working time of these payment systems 9am-10pm GMT+2 timezone
    4. Service is not responsible for the delay of contractors for operations and systems of intermediate means of payment (including the malfunction of Internet sites and banks), Day offs and official holidays in such cases, the payment deadline can be increased proportionally.
    5. When there is an operation with insufficient reserves for instant payment applications for the exchange, it will be processed in turn. In this case fast processing of the application is not guaranteed. However, at any time, the user is able to select and receive a quick payment by other means of payment, with a sufficient reserve or ask for money refund.

  9. Exchange operations limits

    1. Exchange (purchase, sale) in favor of third parties is prohibited.
    2. User is obliged to do buy, sell, exchange only between their purses, accounts, cards, accounts, etc., registered on the same face, the same info.
    3. In the case of data inconsistency, the exchange will be refused, and the money will be sent back within 3 working days. In this case payment system fee for sending money back to you will be subtracted from your amount.

  10. Exchange for cash

    1. Cash exchange is carried out in Kiev, and Dubai (UAE). In all other cities buy and sell for cash is not possible.
    2. To receive cash client should place and pay an exchange order on the site.
    3. To receive electronic currency title units or cryptocurrency client should place an order and get it paid at one of our offices within 3 days after its filing. At the expiration of this period, the application will be canceled.

  11. Cancellation of applications, refund

    1. If the application has not been paid — it will be canceled automatically within 72hours. After 72hours the application will be canceled and the user will have to create another application in order to perform the exchange.
    2. In exceptional cases, if the exchange hasn’t been completed and payment isn’t sent to client the application may be canceled and the funds returned to the user by mutual agreement of the parties.

  12. Tax payments

    1. Service is not a tax agent and does not provide information about the user to the tax authorities. Parties independently calculate and pay the necessary fees and charges in accordance with applicable law.

  13. Communication

    1. To guarantee an answer to the question all requests should be addressed by through a ticket system of a website or an email address.
    2. The user must independently verify the receipt of the application the user will receive an automatic notification to your e-mail address